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You know that cheap trick in movies where you think the bad guy (or gal) is dead at the end and the most deserving gal (or guy) is going to escape and get away safely …only for the final scene to show a hand picking up a gun, or a car follow the heroine (or cocaine)? Well, it seems the same goes for computer operating systems.

Like the sheep I am, I queued up for, and finally obtained, the new Apple iPhone4 two days after its launch (I’m tapping this on it now).

Immersed in a world of white that is the Apple Shop, I willingly signed over the next 18 months of my life as a very helpful shop assistant tapped away at her white Apple Mac in an effort to sell me my little white box with it’s new iPhone contained within. Towards the end, during the stapling together of numerous ribbons of receipts, I took a closer look at her Mac screen. And there, in the Apple Shop, surrounded by single-bitten apples adorning white hardware of all shapes and prices, buying an Apple flagship product being processed on a Apple Mac, I notice that it is, in fact, being handled via a Windows XP emulator!

There’s not many other situations where you can effectively give Bill Gates the middle digit such as this. And yet, there he was, just as I was about to make my own escape, macabrely laughing at me.

The end of this film would have Carrie-Ann kneeling at the Mac, fingers spread apart touching the screen as she slowly turns her head, “He’s here!”

(the last picture taken with my old 3Gs)


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