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Oh yes I am…

I could never be a kids’ entertainer.

Writing this, stuck in the interval of a live kids show, I am amazed how the presenters carry on with so much shouting, screaming and fidgetting going on! I for one would wait until there was complete silence before continuing.

Oh yes I would. Oh yes I bleedin would.

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Oh please.

What is it with notices begining with ‘Polite Notice’ these days?

I can understand your average Joe Shmo painting it on his garage doors stating, ‘Polite Notice – do not park garage in useing’ [sic], but for it to actually be adopted in to officialdom makes it a very sad day.

Who on earth are they to tell me whether or not their notice is polite? I may find it bloody rude! Putting ‘Polite Notice’ in front of ‘Fukkertypissflaps’ doesn’t make it acceptable, and I resent the patronising effort that deems it necessary to decide for me.

By all means, make a ‘Polite Request,’ or (and get this for a concept) maybe even say ‘please’ at the end, but let me decide how I read the sign.

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